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Our arborist offers tree removal services in the Pensacola & Warrington, FL areas

It's not always possible to save a tree. If a tree is too diseased or damaged, Greenwood Tree LLC can remove it with care. We provide tree removal services in Pensacola, Florida and surrounding areas. Our team is led by a certified arborist with the skills and knowledge needed to remove a tree from any location.

During the tree removal process, we will...

  • Clear the area to prepare a location for the tree to fall
  • Cut off dangerous branches and remove the tree
  • Lower limps on ropes or we will use a crane as needed
  • Grind the stump to keep your property clear
Our team can remove trees of any type or size. We work carefully to remove trees from the most difficult positions without damaging surrounding property.

Contact us about your tree removal and storm emergency needs in the Pensacola or Warrington, FL area.

Do you need a permit for your tree removal?

Trees can't always be removed at your whim. If a tree is in a protected zone, you'll need a permit to arrange for tree removal services. If you're not sure how to obtain one, Greenwood Tree can help. We'll assist with the process and remove your tree once the paperwork is in order.

Arrange for a tree removal when you call us at 850-607-0331.