Do You Know if Your Trees Are Healthy?

Make sure by scheduling tree services in the Pensacola or Warrington, FL area

Trees need just as much care and attention as any other plants in your yard. If you suspect a tree is damaged or diseased, contact a trusted local arborist. Greenwood Tree LLC provides tree services in Pensacola, Warrington, Panama City and Melbourne, Florida. Our certified arborist will inspect your tree to find potential issues. We can recommend a solution if we find a problem.

Our tree services include:

Tree inspections
Tree trimming
Tree removal
Stump Grinding
Land clearing

Keep your trees healthy with the help of a full-service tree company. Contact a dedicated arborist today.

Arborist Services

Our certified arborist can inspect your trees to find potential issues.

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Tree Removal Services

Remove dying or damaged trees before they can cause further harm.

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Tree Trimming

Keep your trees healthy by removing diseased or infested branches.

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BOBCAT Services

Clear your land of unwanted stumps, overgrown plants and debris.

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Why spend money on tree trimming services?

Some trees can survive for decades without attention. It might be tempting to let nature run its course, but diseased or overgrown trees can be dangerous.

Call our certified arborist for tree trimming services, and we'll...

  • Remove diseased, infested or decaying branches before the problem spreads to the rest of the tree or they come crashing down.
  • Trim branches and limbs that are growing over your home or office. You won't have to worry about falling limbs damaging your property.
  • Cut and remove branches that are at risk of falling off. You won't have to worry about falling branches injuring you or your guests.

We work on all kinds of trees, regardless of type or size. Our crew can easily access hard-to-reach limbs and will do what it takes to keep your trees healthy.

Schedule tree trimming in Pensacola, Warrington, FL or surrounding areas today.

We operate heavy-duty BOBCAT equipment

Greenwood Tree is prepared to handle any size job. Our tree company uses BOBCAT equipment as necessary to work on any tree. We can also use this equipment for land clearing. We'll prepare your land for a construction project by removing overgrown plants, fallen trees, stumps, dirt and debris. When we're done, your lot will be ready to support a proper foundation.

Call us at 850-607-0331 to schedule tree services in Pensacola, FL or surrounding areas.

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